Adam Johnson

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Prince George, Adam Johnson has journeyed through diverse industries after moving to Vancouver, beginning with a career in the film industry and leading to kitchen management. With a passion for both creative arts and practical craftsmanship, Adam's path has been one of continuous learning and growth.

Seeking new challenges and desiring to utilize his hands-on skills in a different context, Adam transitioned into the trades as a drywaller and painter. For four years, he dedicated his expertise to a prominent company, perfecting his craft and immersing himself in the art of transforming spaces. It was during this time that Adam discovered his true calling—a fusion of his passion for the trades and his creative spirit.

In 2016, armed with his experience and a burning entrepreneurial drive, Adam founded his own painting and drywall company. Over time, this venture evolved into a full-fledged renovation company, encompassing a wide range of construction and remodeling services. Adam's commitment to excellence and his unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction have propelled his company to become a trusted name in the local renovation industry.

Recognizing the need for continuous growth, Adam sought guidance in the business side of trades. Eager to refine his skills and broaden his horizons, Adam joined a coaching program and embraced the opportunity to enhance his business acumen and streamline his operations. Not content with merely benefiting from this program, Adam's passion for supporting others led him to become a mentor within the organization, now providing guidance and support to fellow entrepreneurs, sharing his wealth of knowledge and empowering them to achieve their goals.

Through his dedication and unwavering commitment, Adam has built a vast network of local trade partners, fostering strong relationships with other reputable renovation companies. His extensive list of trusted subtrades stands as a testament to his professionalism and the caliber of work he consistently delivers. Adam Johnson exemplifies the combined entrepreneurial spirit and desire for exceptional craftsmanship.

"It's all in the details."


A dedicated team of talented professionals

Sales Manager

Kellan Barnes

Kellan has been a core member of the Coastal Glades team since early 2019. He first joined looking for part time work, and has spent the past four years growing through paint and drywall work, marketing and sales, and is now Coastal Glades general manager. As by far the tallest crew member, he’s always around to help “reach” our goals! He loves getting to work out in the sunshine on exteriors and snowboarding down the local hills during the winter.

Office Administrator

Courtney Pritchard

Having initially covered for a mat leave position in 2018, Courtney has been back full time with E2 since 2022 ensuring that things run smoothly for everyone involved. Her days are spent in the office working with the sales team and making sure that the field staff have everything they need to get their days done. Outside of work (and while working from home!), she spends time with her new husband, friends, and cat. 

"It's all in the details."

Every renovation is different. We believe in being prepared for anything, so when problems arise, we're able to handle them smoothly. It is our priority that your project remains stress-free and on schedule.


Coastal Glades Renovations is a full home renovation company trusted by families in the Vancouver area.

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