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Kitchens are central to our daily lives and for many, it's the most important room in the house. Have you ever noticed how often they become the main gathering place at a dinner party? Our project consultants and certified kitchen designers take these and many other factors into account when developing a custom solution that supports your unique vision, distinct tastes, and specific lifestyle. Coastal Glades as a kitchen renovation contractor will help you identify what your dream kitchen would look like, and then bring it to life. 

Kitchen Renovations Can Appear Overwhelming.
But They Don’t Have To Be.

Here's our Simplified and Streamlined Process.

Custom Design

Through the process of design consultation – our experts will be able to design the perfect kitchen space with your preferences in mind. With options in fixtures and finishes from leading brands, we'll design your kitchen into an oasis of comfort and sophistication.


Estimate Breakdown

Rather than slapping you with a bulk number, we'll walk you through our detailed estimate, with a price breakdown of each section. We'll take you through the entire estimate, making sure you understand every detail. When it comes to pricing your renovation, transparency is key.


Customer Satisfaction

Our obsession with providing a smooth customer journey and our attention to detail are what set us apart. From your initial consultation, to the design, to our estimate, and on to the finished kitchen oasis. We make kitchen renovations in the Vancouver area as easy and hassle-free as it gets.

18 reviews on
Asha Olmstead
Asha Olmstead
October 4, 2022.
10/10 would recommend. If I ever need anything done to my home interior I will use E2 again. They were professional, efficient and did an excellent job.
David Gens
David Gens
August 26, 2022.
Adam and the entire team at E2 were top notch! We are super happy with our renovation which came in on budget and looks incredible.
Madonna McLafferty
Madonna McLafferty
August 19, 2022.
I was referred to Adam Johnson of E2 Painting & Finishing, by another trusted contractor, to undertake a renovation in my condo. I met with Adam in the Spring to review my plans. E2 then renovated in my kitchen which included new countertops & backsplash, cabinet painting, new sink and all fixtures. The bathroom was a complete re-do. Out with the tub/shower and in with a new step-in shower. My tub surround had new floor to ceiling tile, I wanted a new tile floor, bath cabinet, sink, fixtures, lighting and mirror. Adam helped me find materials and accepted my imput. Boy, did it go well. His tradespeople were great. They arrived when expected, did their work well, and left things tidy! It went so smoothly, because it was well planned! I am so happy with the result. My kitchen is gorgeous and the bathroom is beautiful. I am proud to show the neighbors! I would absolutely recommend Adam, E2 and his team. Nicely done!!
Juraj Kobzik
Juraj Kobzik
July 26, 2022.
I'm a first time home owner and have had little experience with taking on a substantial home renovation. Before I decided to go E2 I spent some time meeting with other contractors around the Metro-Van area. I ultimately decided to go with E2 because of the ease of communication and professionalism of Adam and the rest of his team which I felt was lacking from the other contractors I was having conversations with. Adam was incredibly easy to get a hold of and discuss the project as the renos progressed. I knew what to expect over the timeline of the project and when time came to make major decisions Adam was clear, provided honest and realistic feedback, and professional. The team at E2 continued working on the project until I was satisfied with the quality of the work and the transformation of the bathroom and kitchen is better than I had imagined. My small Vancouver sized apartment now feels a million times more comfortable and the space has been significantly upgraded. I felt confident my space was in good hands and would happily use the E2 team again on future projects.
Dan Feeny
Dan Feeny
May 9, 2022.
Adam and his crew did an amazing renovation on our upstairs bathroom. Communication was great and the work was high quality. Adam also helped with some suggestions to bring the cost back down without sacrificing what we were trying to achieve. Renovations are always a basket of unexpected impediments and challenges but E2 was one of the better groups I've worked with for working through those and getting to the end with minimum frustration. I would definitely use them again.
Kevin Prichard
Kevin Prichard
March 23, 2022.
I called E2 to see if they could help me along with some of the renovations I was working on. I talked with Adam and we made a time to meet, at 7:00 am Monday morning. I was pleased to see him show up at exactly that time, driving a nice truck with his company name on the side. We went over the things to do. Mostly tile work including a huge wall of marble. The contrast between the new tile floor and full marble wall is so beautiful. It’s exactly as I dreamed. Also they came back and made sure everything was perfect. I love their work ethic and professionalism. To know you can count on people is hard at times, but with the team at E2 you don’t have to worry about a thing.
Anna Jackson
Anna Jackson
February 28, 2022.
We hired E2 to install new trim in our house and paint all the main areas. We can highly recommend E2, the team was great, really professional, friendly and fantastic to deal with. Our entire family enjoyed getting to know everyone in the team and they almost felt like family at the end of the project. We really appreciate the hard work and that they went above and beyond to make our house look beautiful!
Colleen Lowe
Colleen Lowe
February 14, 2022.
Adam and the E2 team were excellent. Our renovation was an extensive multi-month project that covered both interior as well as a small amount of exterior work. The quoting process was extremely detailed which was a very valuable reference during our 3 month process. The cost was exactly as quoted and Adam was also accurate in predicting the cost of the change orders which we requested during the project. The schedule and timing of the work was well done with very few days of inactivity. Adam provided good communication in terms of the inevitable delays on a few items. The team worked well with the designer to ensure that the end product was delivered as expected. Adam was also able to make recommendations to improve the look/functionality of our home. Adam brought in several different trades (demo, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tile, drywall, painting, flooring, exterior concrete) which were experienced and professional. Their care and attention for all details was noted, and they treated the work as if it was their own house. We have done several renovations with different contractors in the past. Each project had several small as well as a couple of very large (water leaks) problems. We had delayed starting this renovation as we were not looking forward to having to deal with another contractor. As it turns out, we're pleased to say that working with Adam was a breeze! When Adam encountered any problems (unanticipated inspections, delayed flooring, insufficient ensuite fixture), he was able to rectify the problem before we even heard about it. We experienced very little stress during this entire process. The quality of the work was first rate, and Adam and the team are true professionals. Based on the project, we are considering more work with them!
Anisha Cheema
Anisha Cheema
December 7, 2021.
Working with E2 was an amazing experience! They are everything you could hope for in a renovation company. Everything I had dreamed of for our renovation project was achieved, our space looks AMAZING. The quality of work done by E2 was truly unbeatable; Adam (owner of the company) even came in to triple-check the completed work at the end of the project. Completing this renovation was a stressful task, but I’m thankful that E2 was there to help! They provided guidance with our interior design choices without overstepping our wishes, in order to ensure the room looked cohesive and tied together. No request was too small or too large, Adam was super receptive to it all! As a young woman single-handedly overseeing this renovation, I found other vendors either did not take me seriously or were dismissive in their approach (mind you, I have some familiarity with renovations due to experience with a family business). Never once did Adam and his team treat me this way. Instead, they were always considerate of my opinion and experience. Everyone at the company was professional, communicative, and all-around great people to work with. I had no problem reaching out if I had questions, concerns or any feedback. I am bringing back E2 for a number of other projects and can’t recommend them enough!
You could do it yourself, but...

Why Hire a Professional Renovation Company

If you're ready to renovate your kitchen, and you're looking for a custom design that will bring out your personality and will work well with your current space, you're in the right place. The expert contractors at Coastal Glades will handle all the kitchen and bathroom renovation tasks in a hassle-free manner. We’ll answer all the questions you have so that you’re confident you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

You may be tempted to turn your next kitchen remodel into a DIY project, but be warned... revamping a kitchen space always turns out to be a much bigger, messier, and more expensive project than you may have originally expected. There are several aspects of the kitchen and bathroom renovation and all kinds of important connecting pieces that are difficult to pull off, even if you consider yourself handy.

Here's an idea of all the steps involved in a kitchen renovation:

However simple or complex your dream kitchen design is, the designers at Coastal Glades will give you options that will bring your desires to life. We have a team of expert kitchen designers with years of experience in modeling spaces that suit your unique requirements. Before we begin any demolition work, we take the time to design the space according to what you want. Other kitchen contractors may refer you to a designer outside of their company, but we offer this service in-house.

While demolishing your kitchen may appear to be a cost-saving approach, it can result in serious injury and unexpected damage to costly plumbing and electrical components. The Coastal Glades team works with contractors fully equipped to make your your kitchen demolish is done safely. We won’t damage anything by mistake, and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, our contractors are fully insured so you can rest assured that there will be no liability case against you.

Kitchen renovations involve a lot of plumbing and electrical work which needs to be done by experts, period. Poorly installed pipes or electrical components can result in unnecessary repair costs in the future, not to mention, incorrect installation can be dangerous. Coastal Glades partners with the most experienced contractors to make sure all your plumbing and electrical work is done correctly as we prepare for the upcoming renovation.

Once the rough-in is done, our contractors will then proceed to close up the walls and fix the flooring. We will install your preferred kitchen flooring effectively and paint the walls with premium paint.

Time to put in the kitchen sink, cabinets, backsplash, and countertop. These are critical kitchen components that will determine how your overall kitchen design appears and fuctions once the work is complete. We carefully select each of these components according to the design plan so that we can deliver exactly what you want. Next up are the lighting fixtures, moulding, kitchen fittings, and any other finishing touches that will bring your new kitchen to life.

Every stage of the kitchen renovation process requires proper planning.

At Coastal Glades, we work with you to:
1) Create your design
2) Choose the highest quality materials at the most affordable price
3) Create a budget that you are happy with
4) Put in place a renovation timeline that works for you

We may spend a little more time planning the entire process with you, just so we can make sure to deliver exactly what you want.

Working with our team of experts will for sure save you time, will likely save you money, and will absolutely, without a doubt, save you from the pain of many gigantic headaches.

Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

It all starts from a design.

Some companies will refrain from giving a precise estimate, but we work differently. We'll guide you through a well structured process, which allows us to better plan, design, and execute your kitchen renovation process. There are factors that will affect how long each reno takes, like client availability, design choices, and material selection, but once everything has been settled and we're ready to start your reno, we aim to be done in 6-8 weeks.

Fill out our No-Cost Consultation Form so that when someone from our team calls you, we already have an idea what you're looking for. We'll reach out to you with any follow up questions we have. Our experienced design team will be available to help you bring your idea to life. After you've selected the design features, we'll send you a detailed estimate. Once you've reviewed the estimate and give us the green light, we'll get your renovation booked in our calendar.

While you may wish to browse designer catalogues for inspiration, you certainly don't have to. We're here to help you with the design aspect as well. Our free designer consultation is included - so take advantage of it.


Coastal Glades Renovations is a full home renovation company trusted by families in the Vancouver area.

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