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Coastal Glades renovations coordinates projects with ease, and upholds values of honesty, integrity, and excellence, providing a transparent fixed-price journey for all our clients.

At Coastal Glades Renovations, our journey begins with your vision. We understand the power of imagination in crafting extraordinary spaces. From the moment you share your renovation dreams with us, our skilled team embarks on a meticulous journey of turning those dreams into tangible, awe-inspiring realities.

Discovery and Visioning:

  • Our journey starts with a deep dive into your vision. We sit down to understand not just the physical aspects of the project but the emotions and experiences you want your space to evoke.
  • Through collaborative brainstorming sessions and detailed consultations, we refine the vision, ensuring every detail aligns with your unique needs.

Designing Dreams:

  • Making your vision a reality starts with our recommended design team. They translate ideas into a conceptual design, blending functionality, aesthetics, and innovation.
  • We engage in a continuous dialogue, refining and adjusting the design until it mirrors the essence of your imagination.

Skillful Execution:

  • The transformation from concept to reality begins with our seasoned craftsmen. With precision and skill acquired over 20 years of experience, they bring designs to life, ensuring every corner reflects the vision.
  • Our meticulous approach involves careful project management, streamlined processes, and a commitment to delivering on time and within budget.

Protecting Your Sanctuary:

  • We recognize the sanctity of your home. Throughout the construction phase, we protect your space from disruptions and excess mess, preserving its tranquility amid the creative chaos.

Seamless Communication:

  • Communication is the heartbeat of our journey. We keep you informed at every step, fostering a transparent and collaborative environment. Your feedback is not just welcomed; it's an integral part of the journey.

Elevating Experiences:

  • As we bring your vision to life, we elevate mere spaces into experiences. The final result is not just a renovated room - it's a curated environment that tells a story, evokes emotions, and enhances your daily life.

Our journey is a dedicated pursuit of turning your imagination into reality and transforming spaces into immersive experiences that resonate with your unique narrative. At Coastal Glades Renovations, the journey is as meaningful as the destination, and every step is taken with precision, passion, and a commitment to excellence.

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"They are everything you could hope for in a renovation company."

"Communication was great and the work was high quality."

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About Us​

Welcome to Coastal Glades Renovations, your trusted partner for exquisite home transformations in the Lower Mainland. Locally owned and operated, our dedicated team takes immense pride in delivering projects that prioritize client satisfaction. We understand that your home is a sanctuary, and we treat it with the same care and respect as if it were our own.

Our commitment extends beyond craftsmanship; it's a promise to also protect your space. At Coastal Glades, every project is undertaken with purpose. We selectively choose our clients that align with our commitment to skillful completion from start to finish.

One hallmark of our service is our fixed-price model, offering you cost control and financial predictability. This means your project stays on budget, and you won't encounter unwarranted expenses. Our streamlined systems make the entire process seamless and easy, providing a luxurious journey through every phase of your project. Communication is important to us, and we pride ourselves on maintaining transparent and open dialogue with our clients, ensuring your vision is realized to perfection.

With over 20 years of renovation experience, Coastal Glades Renovations brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to consistent excellence. Our systematic approach ensures that every client enjoys a luxurious experience, project after project.

Share your renovation dreams with us and let our team do the rest.

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1- Tell us about your project by filling out our contact form.

2- Book a call so we can gather some more information about what work you're looking to have done.

3- Decide if you'd like to work with one of our designers. They'll help bring to life your vision by using a blend of their creativity and experience. Once we know what materials & size of team we'd need to complete your project, we'll put together a bid package for you to review.

4- Book a follow-up call to go through any questions you have. Once you give us the green light, we agree on a start date.

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Kitchen, Bathroom & Full Home Renovations

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No matter how big or small your project, we care about the details. And we care about providing you with the best possible experience. We will complete your renovation on time, on budget, and will respect your home throughout the entire process. We are meticulous about cleanliness & friendliness, from start to finish. Your satisfaction throughout the entire process really is our #1 priority.


Kitchens are central to our daily lives and for many, the most important room in the house. Make your kitchen more functional, inviting, and spacious. Let it become the family hub spot you've always dreamed of.


Whether you prefer a classic or a more modern look, we offer a number of design options or can work with your vision to help you create your ideal spa-like experience. 

Full Home

Full home renovations are complex and require a complete, customized Design & Build solution to address the many engineering, planning, and design elements that comprise this type of project.

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Learn why homeowners chose Coastal Glades Renovations for their kitchen, bathroom, and full home renovations.

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Full Home Renovation

The quoting process was extremely detailed which was a very valuable reference during the 3-month renovation. The cost was exactly as quoted and Adam was also accurate in predicting the cost of the change orders that we requested during the project. He also made recommendations to improve the look & functionality of our home. He brought in several different trades that were just as experienced and professional.

Colleen, Vancouver
Kitchen Renovation

I was referred to Adam by another trusted contractor, to undertake a renovation in my condo. Coastal Glades renovated in my kitchen which included new countertops & backsplash, cabinet painting, new sink and all fixtures. Adam helped me find materials and accepted my input. Boy, did it go well. His tradespeople were great. They arrived when expected, did their work well, and left things tidy! It went so smoothly, because it was well planned! I am so happy with the result. My kitchen is gorgeous and the bathroom is beautiful. I am proud to show the neighbors!

Madonna, Burnaby
Bathroom Renovation

We decided on them after meeting Adam, who was super communicative and happy to explain things and answer all our questions, which gave us confidence in their work. They were great about letting us know what time each worker would be coming, and all the workers they sent over were very professional. They completed the project on time, which was wonderful. Adam and Aaron constantly checked in on us to make sure everything was going smoothly, so we felt assured the whole time. They really turned what could have been something stressful into something easy. It was just a really pleasant experience from start to finish, which I honestly didn’t imagine could be possible. Our lives are now back to normal, with a new, beautiful shower.

Andrea, Port Moody
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Coastal Glades Renovations is a full home renovation company trusted by families in the Vancouver area.

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